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Upfront Business Marketing

The relationship existing between two businesses in which there is no end consumers are involved is called the Business to Business Marketing. It is more known as the Business to Business and is nothing new in the industry although with the gigantic rise of technological advancement, the marketing type has come to embrace the changes as well.

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The difference and similarity

Business to consumer, is the relationship existing between a business and end consumers. The business has direct contact with the consumers to encourage them to make their purchase decisions favourable to the business and be loyal through the years. The Business to Business marketing does not deal with the consumers although they are the end-users who will consume the service or product it markets.

Many people are involved in the decision making process in Business to Business marketing making the whole method complex that if one is not quite knowledgeable about it, it can be difficult executing the programs of business to business marketing.

In the case of Business to consumer, only one person is involved in creating the final decision. Or when a special package is being offered, only person makes the decision resulting to fast buying decisions. There is another major difference existing between the Business to Business and Business to consumer and this is in terms of the buying decisions. While in Business to consumer the purchasing decision of the consumers is more based on wants, the business does its buying decision based on its needs.

The significance of business to business marketing

Creating an excellent product or service and having a competitive process and the best technology available is not enough to be keep growing in the competitive world of today’s business. Strategizing itself through the use of Business to Business marketing is important as it helps identify, locate, quantify, segment, and target the customers who are considered really significant in the growing of the business.

By using the Business to Business marketing techniques, it will become easier for the business to achieve its goals. It allows you to concentrate on the performance by each marketing channel involved. The marketing channels, which may include service partners, retailers, reseller networks, and distributors, can be monitored and evaluated so that those that perform weak may be eliminated and those that produce desirable results may best be focused on.

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