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    • Hi Neil,

      Just a quick thank you for the web site. I just got a phone order from it! She was ringing from Sydney!!

      Thanks heaps, that’s an order I would have missed out on if it wasn’t for you

      —Emma Cunningham

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing is a cheap effective way of promoting your business online.

Affiliate marketing works by paying others to send you website traffic or customers via a banner or link to your business on their website.

These banners or links have tracking codes built into them which record how many times the banner/link have been displayed and/or clicked on. The tracking code also records what a customer does after visiting your website. If the affiliate agreement is geared so that you pay a “commission” on every successful sale, then as soon as that sale is complete your account is debited the pre-agreed amount (percentage or flat fee) and paid to the person who referred you the customer.

You may opt to pay a smaller amount for websites who simply refer you traffic. This is called the “Pay Per Click” option.

There are many affiliate “Facilitators” online. In our opinion the best of these is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (see banner below). They have a world-wide presence and thousands of advertisers to choose from.

Their tracking software is state-of-the art and their reporting schedules allow you to monitor how your affiliate marketing is going 24/7.

Cost is FREE to join.